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  1. Source menu

    does it not show them at all or are they greyed out? When you touch the down arrow after pushing the home key, do any of the inputs show up. Do any other inputs show up?
  2. Nex 4000 factory reset not taking

    I am sure you have to use a thumb drive in the number 1 usb slot, for this to work.
  3. Media Storage

    I have always used intel SSD for my usb #2, i started out with 160gb, then upped it to 480gb. I am currently filling my 1 TB with a ton of movies. When i get a chance to look it up, i will post the brand of my sdcard. I have it posted here on this forum some where. The key to large sdcard, is to fill it once and leave it. People have lost info when they continually deleted and added files. I don't know why, but it has happened. something about the controller being designed for xfat and not fat32. Not sure.
  4. Media Storage

    I have used the 256gb sdcard since the unit was new, formatted to fat32. Works fine. My avh4000nex is 2014 model.
  5. Media Storage

    By the way i used this post to solve my password problems and unit is working flawlessly
  6. Media Storage

    I used to be more active in this forum, but for last 2 years, I have not been using my Pioneer (battery was replaced and the calibration was off on my screen and i could not enter password) Anyway, I was wondering what size sdcard, hdd, or ssd are you guys using for your media files, ie songs, movies, etc.? I just installed my avh4000nex into my 02 lexus and have a 256 gb sdcard full of mp4 movies and a 1 tb full of music and more mp4 movies.
  7. Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Password reset

    on my avh4000nex, i had same problem and i followed this post and it worked for me. Just not sure if it will work on 8200
  8. Avh-4200nex

    Only when the call was set to private, then had to use the phone.
  9. 8200 HDMI Mirror to Rear Monitors

    hdmi will not mirror
  10. AVH4100NEX Faceplate Disassembly

    I have replaced the buttons (same scenario) ant it fixed it. I also replaced touchscreen after it was cracked by an idiot. A little tedious, but doable.
  11. Help Did software update Now screen of death

    Have you tried to reset, using paper clip in the tiny hole on the right side of the >>| button?
  12. AppRadio Mode not working - AVIC-5201NEX with iPhone 6S

    You have to use Apple A/V digital adapter that sends digital signal, via hdmi. Go to settings and on input for smartphone, set connection to digital adapter. Turn apple CarPlay off.
  13. Easy method to bypass parking brake wiring?

    The micro bypass for 20.00 is the easiest. Easy to install, never worry about it again.
  14. Password AVH Reset

    I thought my unit was toast. Touch Calibration was off, could not enter password. Copied the files on 16 gb thumb drive and inserted in #1 USB. Booted up to Password Screen and in a couple of seconds, the option screen came up and scrolled to factory reset. After reset, cycled power off then on. Asked if I wanted to set password and I declines. After this, I reformatted thumb drive and unzipped latest firmware onto it. Updated the firmware and everything is operating correctly. A Big Thank You to You. Saved me some money.