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  1. A question about rear audio / dual zone ........

    Dual zone means you can hook up rear audio/video via RCA(video) and 3.5 to RCA(Audio) to rear monitor or headrest monitor. Then passengers can watch video and audio thru headphones, while drivers listens to audio of his choice, thereby dual zone.
  2. Best replacement cables 8100NEX?

    I actually got a new genuine Pioneer off EBay for 10.00. You are right though, needs to be genuine Pioneer, not aftermarket.
  3. what is the optimal usb and ssd drive type/size

    I format my drives using Mac drive utility, and format fat32. I realize NTFS is faster and on my Windows PC, that is what I use. NEX will not read xfat, and fat32 works better for me on the NEX. I originally used NTFS, but I switched because the way it categorized or something, can't remember exactly why. Either way, all my storage hooked up to my NEX is fat32, and never have any problems. If xfat was supported, then NEX would support larger SDCards than 32gb. It does not really matter if NTFS is faster, when USB 2.0 is the bottle neck. Anyway to each his own, someone asks me what works for me, I tell them.
  4. Best replacement cables 8100NEX?

    The mini jack that Pioneer says to use is the CD-RM10, it is a special length plug end, and has audio/video capability. If you are only hooking up audio, then no problem. They run around 30.00, and can be found on Amazon.
  5. The first part of my post was just answering your question. The other was general info for those members who may not understand our head units limitations. I did not mean to imply that you did not know any of this. My apologies.
  6. Jhren-It will only reverse play alphabetically, unfortunately. One thing to remember, these head units are like an Android mini-pc, with the exception of not having an extremely fast cpu, and the only ram(that I know of) is the internal sdcard. They are limited by USB 2.0 speed,(no sata) and space on the sdcard(since operating system is on sdcard). I think the navi units have 16gb internal sdcard, and the non-navi have 8gb. Relating to SSDs, it does not matter how fast they are, because the head unit will only read as fast as USB 2.0 allows and the cpu can process.
  7. captkirk, First of all, I could give a rats rear, who you listen to on this forum, or what you believe. Second, this thread is about the folder and file limit of the head unit. Not about searching forward, backward etc. The reason the larger drives seem glitchy, is due to the large number of files, not the size of the SSD. I DO have a 480gb SSD, and 256GB SDCARD, and neither of those are glitchy, mainly because they contain mp4, ripped DVDs, in which at files sizes around 1-2 GBs, There are not that many files and it takes no time to read(initially or thereafter). Mp3s are much smaller and therefore the same size discs will hold tenfold the amount of files, and take a while( which we already established). When I say it works fine for me, I am not FOS, like you so rudely said. Tim98TA, The more files you have on the disc you use, the longer it will take to read, search, etc. My experience with searching backwards, is when I have it on random play, it will not search backwards. When i take it off random play, i hit the backward search twice and it goes to previous song, or once if i want to start song over.
  8. Carplay and Appradio - Question on getting this working

    I can't speak for Pioneer, only from experience. When I first purchased mine, and bought the a/v adapter, hooked it up, thinking I could use app radio, and still have access to iPhone as input(using usb1), but It would say "not compatible usb device". So I went to Apple forum and found out the a/v adapter uses the lightning cable to charge only, therefore I decided to try just plugging into charger, and everything worked great. I just looked over the manual, and it said, for iPhone use usb1 with apple A/V adapter, for Android use usb2 with MHL adapter. I also think Pioneer is showing their option for hooking up the adapters. Doesn't mean there are not other options.
  9. Carplay and Appradio - Question on getting this working

    That is correct. (android uses usb2,( but that is irrelevant). When using an a/v adapter, whether it is iPhone or Android, the usb is only charging phone, therefore it can be connected to either usb on head unit or charger. If you do connect it to head unit, it will not be an available input, so why not just connect it to a charger( i installed a double usb charging port for that purpose) and leave the head unit usb available for other use. I have two options available at all times, the a/v adapter is there hooked up to hdmi and lightning to charging port with 6" lightning cable, and have regular lightning cable hooked up to usb1 right beside it. I normally just have iPhone hooked up to usb1, but on occasion, if i want to check out AppRadio, I just switch cables and smartphone setting.
  10. Carplay and Appradio - Question on getting this working

    what rockthebeef said. AppRadio controls the phone thru bluetooth, and receives the audio and video thru HDMI. Using this setup, I do not use usb1 for charging, I just plug into car charger, since it is only charging anyway, and it leaves usb1 open for other input,i.e. Thumbnail drive, solid state drive. At the moment this is the only way to receive video from phone. CarPlay, at the moment, only receives audio, txt. the only video of any kind you get is maps. Apple does not allow video, because the dangers affiliated with drawing attention from the driver while driving. Phone is connected by usb only and not BT in CarPlay mode. Again, in my case, I plug in iPhone to usb1 and disable CarPlay, so it is in iPod mode, making all my music available from iTunes match thru music app and have Pandora available. Phone calls are handled thru BT. Since I have AVIC-U260 add on Navigation module, that is what i use for navi.
  11. Carplay and Appradio - Question on getting this working

    the a/v adapter plugs into your phone, your usb end of your lightning cable plugs into your usb outlet then the lightning end plugs into you a/v adapter, right beside your HDMI. You cannot have CarPlay and Appradio hooked up at the same time. Carplay hooks up by lightning cable only. Smartphone settings has to be set to usb and CarPlay enabled. AppRadio uses A/V adapter for audio and video and connects by bluetooth, and smartphone setting has to be set to digital adapter. If you are using the A/V adapter, usb1 will only be used to charge the phone, and cannot be used as an input source, it will say "not compatible device".
  12. 4100NEX Install Needs

    please post a pic of this. I can't find anything about dip switches in relation to any NEX unit.
  13. Fortunately for me, unlimited data plan. iPhone is 64gb. I do like having any song my mood desires to hear, available.
  14. The only way i got around it, was having all my songs on iTunes match, and my phone hooked up to usb1.(although iTunes match limits to 25000 songs) I think if you are going to hook up a phone to one usb port, put limit on sdcard, and limit on solid state drive and have 30000 songs available. That is the only way I can see. If you use google music, the limit is 50000 songs.
  15. 4100NEX Install Needs

    What dip switches are you referring to? on the back of what?