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  1. Jokes aside. I've had my car broken into several times and had my stereo stolen once. I know the feeling. I'd much rather have my screen with me lugging it around then go into my car and seeing an empty area where my radio used to be
  2. Great screen notwithstanding i still wish you were able to detach the screen
  3. DP3343 you're absolutely right. I myself would feel a lot more safe with a detachable face for the 8000....
  4. Just saw a video of the AVH-4000NEX and it's ability to detach the faceplate from its housing. It's an awesome security feature. My question is Pioneer why didn't you guys include this feature for the 8000? Can someone answer this for me? If this has already been posted please forgive me. I've been away from the site for a while because of work.
  5. Yeah I was lucky to get a replacement unit after being so foolish. I definitely know not to spray anything on this unit. Once any kind of liquid gets into the hard buttons it's a goner.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. The untt was done. I swapped it out and got a new one. Gonna install it in a couple days
  7. Thanks for the advice man. I'm gonna give it a couple days if all else fails try to return it for a new one...
  8. Accidentally sprayed glass cleaner on my NEX and now the bottom buttons aren't functioning. The touchscreen functions work temporarily and after a short while they cease to function. I'm thinking to let the unit rest and dry out. Will this work?
  9. Exactly. I use the HDMI when I wanna watch House of Cards on Netflix....
  10. Oh no.... Sounds like dude is playing games to get out of paying for the damage..... That's bull...
  11. What about Sirius/XM? HD Radio? Maybe it's just me but I'm not a fan of putting Tablets into a vehicle. Much easier for a thief to grab and snatch....
  12. Exactly. The 8000 does more than enough.... Very satisfied with the unit. In addition I've looked a several consumer responses from the Alpine units and they're mostly negative.... The features lacking on their Alpine units are readily accessible with the 8000... I'd rather have navi, great sound quality, iPod/iPhone video functionality over vehicle info any day of the week.....
  13. Got my 8000nex for $1000 thru amazon.com.... Went to my installer and he wanted to sell me one for $1400 installed. He was kinda upset when I showed up to his shop with one already in hand and told him how much it cost me. Moral to the story: always shop around....
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