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  1. I have an antiglare screen protector on my 8000NEX. Unfortunately, it gives the radio the look of a 7000, but the FEEL of the screen is way better!
  2. Wireless CarPlay

    Honestly, nothing beats a good layer 1 connection. With a cable plugged in, things are more reliable and your iPhone's battery stays charged. I seriously can't help but wonder how much of a toll wireless CarPlay must be on an iPhone's battery. It would be more convenient to have wireless carplay but....I'm happy with using the cable.
  3. Firmware 1.08 available on pioneer

    does it work with Maestro RR??
  4. Or, just get the 7000NEX for $787 on amazon.com?? http://www.amazon.com/AVIC-7000NEX-Double-DIN-Navigation-Receiver-Touchscreen/dp/B00J6W8O6K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412277273&sr=8-1&keywords=7000nex
  5. CarPlay !!! (Reviews, ...)

    Got it setup on my 8000NEX in the Audi TT as well as the 7000NEX in my wife's Tucson. Let me put this lightly.....my wife is VERY VERY HAPPY!
  6. Since the NEX's display is up to 800 x 480, that's basically a little above 480p (which is 720x480). With that being said, don't expect stellar video quality. You'd probably want to set your resolution for the AppleTV to 480p, but I can't help but wonder if there is a way to do a custom resolution....
  7. AppRadio 4 with Carplay leaks

    Hmmmm, why WOULD they take that down....
  8. that thing better not be more than $300. The 4000NEX is way more capable. I'd say "where's the MAESTRO support", but....looks like that was forgotten about for all the NEX units.
  9. Z130BT - Iphone videos won't play

    The Z130BT seperates the 30-pin connector of the 4S model (or below) by branching out to USB and analog sound cables. That being said, you're going to need the 30-pin to lightning adapter, WITH the iPod cable for that Pioneer radio, to get video to play. Please be aware that video will not be HD whatsoever.
  10. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    Ferrari FF's are now being sent out with CarPlay.....so, it's officially released by Apple now. Tomorrow is their big media event for showing off iPhone 6, iPhone 6C and iPhone 6 Plus. Connect the dots.....CarPlay is coming this month to us Pioneer peeps
  11. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    Summer doesn't end until the 22nd. Let's give em until then
  12. Well, it is passed August 6th, so "early summer" is officially over. I'm hat'n! LOL!
  13. Pioneer UK tweeted regarding CarPlay update

    Anytime before August 16th would qualify as "Early August"
  14. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    Remember kids....Sept 22nd is when summer ends...
  15. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    I don't either! But, with a newer ios on the horizon, it'd be bad publicity for pioneer to have this update be incompatible.