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So what is the difference between the AVIC & AVH series compared to Appradio?

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Hey all - first post here. I've been having fun researching a new head unit for my car and I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the Appradio 3 until I saw that it had no sub outputs and the preamp output was 2v instead of 4v. I love the multi-touch capacitive touch screen and included GPS puck though...


So right now I'm leaning toward the AVH 5600BHS, as it seems to be a better "stereo" and from what I can tell the "app radio mode" is the same on either unit...?  What about the AVIC units - what is the difference with that series vs the AVH series (just built-in navigation?)?  I have to say that Pioneer's naming conventions are really confusing to the uninitiated!


Most important to me is iPhone 5 connectivity, the ability to have easy, seamless bluetooth Pandora and iTunes music for short hops and "tethered" navigation and music while on longer journeys.


Any insights that might help me in my decision would be greatly appreciated! 


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for confirming that.  Makes my decision much easier about which unit to get.  I just wish the AVH5600BHS came with the capacitive multi-touch screen of the Appradio 3.  Heck, I'd pay $100 more for that feature.  But going all the way up to the $1,400 NEX 80000 just to get 7" capacitive touch doesn't make any sense at all...  Given that the feature set between the Appradio 3 ($400 street) and the NEX8000 is not all that different, the $1,000 difference in price seems wacky.  The only advantages of the NEX 8000 over the AppRadio 3 appear to be:


4v pre-amp (rather than 2v)

subwoofer pre-out

13 EQ bands vs. 5 bands

Includes a wireless remote

Aux input (rear)

SD Card

HD Radio

Built-in Nav (but the AppRadio does include a GPS puck for some reason...)


And the 5600BHS has ALL these features except for the capacitive screen, SD card, and the built-in Nav for $1,000 less.  That's even wackier.

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