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D3 Bluetooth Option suddenly turned grey

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I've had my car for almost two years now and this is the first time I've had problems with the D3.


Problem: I turned my car on today and the bluetooth options suddenly aren't available anymore. The only button I can push is "radio".. everything else is suddenly grey.


What I tried: I've restarted my car, reset the D3 by pushing the reset button on the front of my screen, this didn't fix anything. I even tried resetting it twice.


This was installed by the last car owner. I don't know if it was professionally installed or if they did it. All wires are hidden (bluetooth mic is to the left of my head by the sun visor, but only the mic is visible, no hanging wires, and there's a (I'm guessing) signal/transmitter (small black square) on my dash on the passenger side with the wires hidden inside the dash) so I'm assuming professionally installed. I don't know where to look to see if wires came loose?  From looking online it looks like the bluetooth is a separately installed piece? 


Any help/suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! 


I can upload pictures if anyone needs to see what the screen in showing.  Just let me know!

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i would also like to know.. not to hijack the thread; but this happened to me months ago and i'm yet to take the unit out of the dash t osee whats going on back there.  It is weird actually, the unit itself keeps asking to pair with my phone and it will pair / the phone will say paired, but the unit won't function as if it is paired.  For example, phone is paired but the unit BT button is gray, calls wont show up on the screen nor will the music play.  Not sure what happened.  Any help!

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