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Hi,i am new to this forum but not to other forums.i have decided to install my avic d3 unit which i have on a previous nissan pathfinder to toyota4runner today.


i have plugged and wird everything and the unit was ready to be bolted into the dashboard .


before doing so,i decided to see if i did everything right and tried to play it before finshing the installation



and here is the problem.back in 2010 i put a password on it,it is a fairly easy question(whats your mothers maiden name)


belive it or not,i tried million different combinations of my mothers maiden name and none of those worked.


how to unlock the unit and put a new password or at least see what is the current one.








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I have a question for you


please help me


I never use a function block to set a password for plc Omron, so I dont know a function Block set a password, it is can use for CPM1A and CPM2A, so I want a question for you


Can I use a function Block set a password for CPM1A and CPM2A ?


see you soon


have a nice day.

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