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Best car mode android app: Car Home Ultra, Car Dashdroid AutoMate or else?

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As an android user and an AVIC-8000NEX owner, I would like to have your opinion and feedback on the different car mode apps out there such as Car Home Ultra, Car Dashdroid, AutoMate, etc. Which one are you using and what makes it stands out compare to other apps?



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If your phone is mirrorlink enabled just use usb 2 along with the htc car app for mirrorlink. You start the app then exit the app and boom you have full control of your phone from the touchscreen, just double tap the home button on the NEX unit to remove the side bar. Other than that Im a big fan of Automate  and ar unchained since I have the 4000nex. Tdell us what phones you are using and I can give a better answer

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