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who can explain boot sequence of Z110BT?

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i got a AVIC-MRZ99 (almost similar to Z110BT) and i bricked it by replacing PRG0 and PRG1 Folders. Now it stucks in boot-loop :(

It's a japanese Unit and i wanted to replace the Software with an english version.


Now the Splash-Screen pops up and the device reboots immediately ... and so on and so on.

I can't enter Test-Mode again to put my backup back into the device.


I tried some Testmode.key's from this forum including supertestmode. After a couple of reboots and holding Eject Key it shows

the Message CAUTION - Test Mode FailedStarting [Turn Off ACC]


Some *.exe missing? i don't know how it works.



I want to understand the boot-mechanism. I got the Z110BT Service Manual with Schematics in it. The CPU-Board is almost the same.

Where does the Splash-Screen comes from? Is it a pre-bootloader?


The CPU is a Sirf Prima (ARM1136 core) and i think the System is stored in an e-NAND (Hynix H26M44). Its a NAND Flash with MMC Interface. But it is a BGA with solder-balls (hard to solder wires to it :(  ... I thought maybe I can solder wires to it and build some kind of MMC-Card Adapter) 

Now i need to access this e-NAND or maybe i can boot from SD-Slot?


I soldered switches with Pull-Up resistors to the Test_Mode Pins of the Sirf-Prima. So I can access following boot-modes:

 - External ROM Boot [default]

 - NAND Boot

 - Embedded ROM NAND Boot

 - Embedded ROM SD/MMC Boot


Only the default shows up the Splash-Screen. All other turn on the backlight of the LCD and the Screen stays black.



Can anyone explain the boot-sequence? 


Maybe i try to access the Memory with JTAG or anyone knows another solution to get my backup (i got a backup of the whole USER folder)

back onto the device????




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Hola.. Haz encontrado la solucion para esto?? 
Tengo el mismo problema y llevo demasiados CD-RW  testmode tratando de que lo lea... para hacer HDD FLG... y conectar al computador por usb para reparar carpetas dañadas..


Mi unidad es... Pioneer Carrozzeria Avic Hrz009g





Hi .. You have found the solution for this ??
I have the same problem and I have too many CD-RW TestMode trying to read it ... to HDD FLG ... and connect to the computer via USB to repair damaged folders ..
My unit is...  Pioneer Carrozzeria Avic Hrz009g

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Dear All,


I have recently bought a car Mitsubishi RVR ROAR which has built-in Pioneer AVIC MRZ99 multimedia and navigation centre.

Unfortunately, this model was made in Japan for Japanese cars only and doesn't have an option of language change.

However, I believe that nothing is impossible as this device has Windows CE operating system loaded and similar models

like AVIC Z110BT and AVIC Z120BT are being sold in America. Anyway, it is just a computer which can be programmed or

re-programmed this or that way. I tried test mode which can easily be entered doing following: press and hold NAVI Button

and at the same time arrows right --> left --> right --> left, then release the NAVI Button.


I have uploaded to the File Dropper initial shots and the translated menu: http://www.filedropper.com/mrz99testmodemenujp,



Actually, you can do it yourself making simple steps: Take the pictures of the Test Mode menu by decent camera, enhance them

in appropriate image editor, for example, I used PhotoFiltre (free Photoshop analogue), open them in Adobe Acrobat Pro,

make OCR in Japanese at 600 DPI, and, eventually get plain text which can be loaded into Google Translation. Voila!


In the meantime I am translationg Pioneer MRZ99 owners manual from Japanese to English and already 21 pages out of 70 are

ready. Well, Google is far from to be an expert in translation, therefore, English manual looks a bit awkward, however, somehow

understandable. I hope to finish the task in a couple of months, then I will upload owners manual PDF in English and hope that

somebody will improve this translation and upload updated PDF.


Best regards,

Yury Semka


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