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Is the F700BT still a good unit?

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I am brand new to this forum - I am looking to add navigation and rear camera, but can't go $600 or more for the new brand name units.  Back in the day the F700BT had great reviews, and they can be had for $250 or less.


My question -- get a used AVIC or a new cheapo brand for the same price? 


Thanks for looking at my post and I would appreciate honest opinions on the subject.









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I wouldn't bother with a 700. Maps are way old and the unit only supports BT phone not music data streaming. Also as your phone gets updated, the 700 doesn't. You are buying a 7 year old product. I would recommend looking at the 5000-8000 NEX series of products of you want to save some money. The NEX system blows away the old F700BT in all facets.

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These new models seem great - if you have an iphone.

Otherwise features aren't very much different. Plays cd, plays radio, has gps

In fact I have yet to see a new pioneer model that doesnt revolve around iphone.


And there must be quite a bargain to be had buying an older model that still does just what you need (without an iphone)

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