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Display SMS from android via BT

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Evening all.

Is it even possible? My box is a normal but modded F900bt updated with 3 firmware and sw900 bt.


I've searched for months and see loads mentioned about ipods and iphones playing music over BT.

Even a little mentioned for android. But I really would like to have my avic display any incoming sms .

Or at the very least who the sender is.

I'm NOT remotely interested in playing music from my phone. No really, perhaps I'm ill or summit.



It nearly does something like it already when I get an sms. It pops up a black box, white txt saying new message from caller (unknown).

Ive gone through all options on unit and phone, but little use. Would a firmware upgrade do it?

Am I missing something?

Phone is galaxy S4, updated to lolipop


Still a great forum. Thanks for any info



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