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New with Japaneese Avic

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Hi and welcome from Ireland.

I had boght a Japaneese Avic-MRZ05-2 from a guy who import a car from Japan.

the car is in Japan language.

My question's are:

1)can i download and install firmware from other Avic so i can get my radio working in English or Polish?

2)how can i make a SD card signed from radio so i can use it to download oryginal software from raku navi. (I cannot run the program until i get login and password for it or SD card from radio will start it)?

3)how can i put new bacground to my radio?

4)is it possible to change the radio frequency shearching. my radio is shearching only on japanese frequency which if from 70 to 90


anyone can help me?


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I can Add that i tryed to do the 

 but it cannot go to safe mode. i can go to safe mode putting the key by hand but this moge is in Japaneese i dont know what is going on :{

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