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Cross Flash US to EU units

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I have the AVH 4100NEX, I was wondering whether we can cross flash the firmware of the AVH-X8700BT to it. They are the US and its european equivalent . I want to do this in order to be able to change the tuner FM step. I also read a little bit in the AVIC mod forum but since I haven't a huge developer background I wasn't able to tell whether it's relevant or not, I noticed it's mainly focused on x000 to x100 cross flash and some maps mods. Any workaround or help to change the tuner FM step will be appreciated.

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Hi guys,


I own an european AVH-X8700BT (4100NEX in US), and I stupidly bricked it trying to upgrade from v 1.03 to 1.053 with USB stick and that image - 15MY_FW-Update_v1.05_4G_20151216

Upgrade process failed, and no recovery was possible. I didn't backup the internal SD card, nor had it's password removed. Now unit is staring and after short period

is powering down. Please help, give me proper sequence and instructions how to de-brick. I can do JTAG nor flash if necessary, I am not afraid of complicated procedures...

I prefer to go straight to opened boot-loader and unlocked SD pass, but I will do any suggestions if possible.



thank you in advance

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