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F40BT help !

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First of all 




i am Marco from holland


yesterday, i received my package with a second hand pioneer avic f40bt 


the person who has sold it to me told me the system operates fine 


you can gues whats coming next 


it doesnt when i plug the system into my car and turn the acc on it gives me an error saying the following 


there is no applicable proggram, now i have searched on the internet and bumped into a hack named Condi's hack i have read about it and downloaded the testkey to check my file's and as i get into self test mode i see 3 errors



3-,HD-Error edit: HD-RADIO error


i think the previous owner tried the hackmode as i didn't


is there a fix possible for me or not is my question


kind regards Marco sorry for my cracky english though 

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