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Looking for power and wire harness for D2

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Anyone have any idea where I can find a power and wire harness for the D2? Or is this model compatible with another unit. Thanks


If you want OEM from Pioneer, try:




The above link will give you Pioneer's Part IDs.  With that information, you may be able to find cheaper parts or equivalent parts made by other companies.

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Thx... The parts are hard to find :sad:. They list the parts but I don't see a power . Prob doesn't have to be OEM


I would suggest contacting Pioneer directly to get the Part IDs.  The following link has the phone number and times of availability which can take upto an hour to talk with someone




Or if you use the link below you can send them your questions and they will email you back.




Anyway, when you get your answers post here so if someone else has your same issue is can be simply resolved.

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