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Hello and help, please

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Hello everybody! I'm from Argentina.

I do not want to be unpolite, we just met here, but I'm in trouble with my "in dash"car stereo.

It's Pioneer brand, and is manufacturing installed on a Toyota Fortuner/SW4. I do not know what model is it, but the sreen has a  code near right corner P10780. It has: digital TV (ISDB-T), GPS, DVD playback, AUX, USB, etc

Owing to law restrictions, I can watch TV an d videos only when car is stopped....but it is easy to unlock and allow passengers to watch videos when car is moving.

But this model seems to be old: it only plays DVD FORMAT (not divx) You know any way to upgrade firmware to improve this funtion?. 

It plays mpeg 4 via USB, but not all videos, I tried a lot and could not find the reason. I tried different bit rates and video sizes. It should need a firware upgraade or something like this.

GPS maps are old and Toyota does not have new maps. I tried to open the microSD card but it seems to be encrypted and it can't be opened. I'll accept any suggestion to solve this issue. It should be great to decrypt the micro SD and install new maps (I bought Here maps for other device and could use them)

Any  ideas would be welcome. I would decrypt the car radio and access to all functions, after all I paid for, is not it?

Attach car radio photo.

Thanks and greetings!




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