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AVIC-F900BT - Map/GPS opens, but doesn't load or find location....

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So I used pioneerelectronics website to load up the Canadian maps on my device (LPUE & TTS files), it would update and get to the main menu but when I hit Map it would just prompt me to press OK...which even after I did wouldn't let me to the next screen, it just got stuck there.


I decided to use hybrid to get that Windows/test-mode screen, it worked and eventually after removing my SD card everything loaded up and worked (Music, etc), but when I hit map it would load up in a random location. When I tried to check the Nav settings it only showed the Hungarian flag and wouldn't let me select any other county.


Anyone know why this is happening? I'm guessing it need the Canadian maps but what would be the best way of loading them you think?

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