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F900BT stuck in book loop, cant get into test mode

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Hey everyone,

Like the title says I got my F900 stuck in a boot loop, long story short I tried to find a way to update the maps on my F900 beyond 2009, I derped it and got it stuck on a boot loop.  I have looked up and down to find a way to fix it from going into the service menu to now trying to get into test mode, I downloaded MiTACAP and Testmode into my SD card, but when I put it in the slot and start my car, it still goes into the boot loop.  Doesn't even acknowledge the SD card, ive hunted up and down the forums and cant find a fix for it, anyone have any advice?

Edit:  Ive finally be able to get it into testmode and I downloaded a copy of LPUE80 from Pioneer and Cut/Paste into the Flash Drive within my device.  When I booted the main screen where it says "system is starting please wait" went from ~10/15 seconds before reboot, to ~3/5 minutes, so I guess some progress?  I was able to actually select the Navigation, Contacts and Music buttons and be able to navigator to those menus, but the System is Starting window blocked me being able to navigate anywhere else and still reboots after 5 minutes.  Im not sure what I could be missing, but atleast I am making some progress.


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