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AVH-X3800BHS Back Up Camera Issue

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New to the forum. Couldn't find any info on here about my problem. 


I installed a new AVH-X3800BHS last night along with a reverse camera. The camera receives power from the reverse light, and I ran a wire from the reverse light to the head unit (connected to the purple /white wire). It works great when I put the car in reverse, the camera turns on and goes off after the car goes into a different gear. 


Problem: When driving down the road, the reverse camera screen pops up and is black. I exit out of it and a few seconds later it comes back. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to come back.


Diagnosis: I think what is happening is the wire that detects the reverse light and connects to the head unit is getting power when it is not in reverse. How I fix this I am not sure? Is there another wire that only receives power when in reverse? 


2004 Chevy Malibu Maxx LS

Pioneer AVH-X3800BHS

   -Camera: On

   -Battery/Gound (both work for reverse, but both have the same problem of randomly coming on while driving)


Any ideas???





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Tried a few settings


#1: Camera on, ground- Properly switches to camera when put in reverse, but camera comes on in drive randomly

#2: Camera on, battery- Switched to camera briefly ONLY WHEN LEAVING THE REVERSE GEAR, NOT WHILE IN REVERSE

#3: Camera off, ground- Nothing happens when switched to reverse

#4: Camera off, battery- Nothing happens when switched to reverse


Also, it seems to only switch on while in drive when in an application (SiriusXM, HD radio, Bluetooth, etc.), not when on the home screen. 


Not sure what else to try.

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