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New Member/Hello Everyone!

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I just wanted to say hello, give a little back story how I ended up becoming a member, and that this community/members just blow my mind. There are a lot of very intelligent people here. Well, I ended up here because I repo'd my personal truck from a ex coworker I let take over the payments that ended up being arrested (I am in the Repo business. My username reflects that). My truck ended up having a Pioneer AVIC-6000NEX rather than stock head unit when I Repo'd it back. The head unit worked fine other than gps set in Spanish. I figured that I would just erase all of his settings/profile using the little reset button. Well, once I did that, the unit restarted and then requested the password he had set. Prior to that reset, I did try resetting inside of the settings menu and that seemed to do nothing at all. Being locked out of the head unit lead me to start researching a resolution and stumbled upon this amazing community and all of the custom mods that can be done courteous of all the talented members here. Any insight, tips, and help would be greatly appreciated! Hopefully I can contribute back to the community with my knowledge in some way. Thank you everyone!

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