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To use AppRadio which recent Android smartphone you give me advice?

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I do not understand why so much advertises Pioneer AppRadio Mode, but then to use it you can not have a recent smartphone.


Here is the official list Pioneer pioneer-car.eu/sites/minisites/it/page/products/advanced-app-mode/compatible-android-devices.html


I wrote to the Pioneer and they told me to refer to the link I posted above. Unbelievable


My smartphone, LG G $ it is possible that it can not connect?

I hope to find a solution in this forum.


Someone in this forum, may indicate to me a smartphone that connects the AVIC-F77dab to use the AppRadio Mode?


I would like to use AppRadio Mode to use the applications of my Smartphon via the Avic-F77Dab


Sorry for my bad english.

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