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I bought an 08 Xterra with a previously installed AVIC-F900BT.


I've run the gambit of issues this unit seems to have and have fixed them as they come up - so far.


 I am running the Hybrid 4.01 SW update mod, Difaltia 3.6 mod, and IGO 8.3 2016 Q3 mod map packs for the west coast.


After a bit of research and trial and error I have successfully swapped Samantha's TTS (US) voice for Serena's TTS (UK) voice and it is more pleasant.


However, I am unable to swap from Jason (US) to Serena (UK) in the regular voice prompt. I have added LANG_ENG_UK_F1.ZIP  to the LANGUAGE folder and the associated voice ZIP to the VOICE folder. It took a minute for the system to recognize Serena TTS, but it does not seem to recognize the other voice package for the UK.


 I have "uncommented" on different occasions the following script lines:

";voice_key="Eng_uk_f1"           ;(EU Female) F500, F700, F900, F90"

";voice_key="Eng_us_m1"           ;(US Male) F500, F700, F900, F90"


 With no success. It always, and only reads Jason ENG (US) as one of the defaults and does not recognize the (UK) pack as an option.


 Do you think I need to "uncomment" one of these?


;Uncomment the device you are using.  Make sure you comment out the existing one if you change it.
type="PIONEER746UC" ; US F700/900/710/910
;type="PIONEER746EW" ; Euro F700/900/710/910 (I am hesitant to swap these as I have no idea if it will change the UI or FM bands to EU settings.)
;type="PIONEER749EW" ; Euro F500
;type="PIONEER749UC" ; US F500
;type="PIONEER746CA" ; CA F700/900/710/910
;type="PIONEER749CA" ; CA F500


;Uncomment the voices for your country.  Make sure you comment out the existing ones if you change it.
;voice_key="Eng_aus_m1"           ;(AU Male) F500, F700, F900, F90
;voice_key="Eng_aus_f1"           ;(AU Female) F500, F700, F900, F90
;voice_key="Eng_uk_m1"           ;(EU Male) F500, F700, F900, F90
voice_key="Eng_uk_f1"           ;(EU Female) F500, F700, F900, F90
;voice_key="Eng_us_m1"           ;(US Male) F500, F700, F900, F90
;default_language="english AUS"   ;(AU) F500, F700, F900, F90
;default_language="english GB"   ;(EU) F500, F700, F900, F90
default_language="english US"   ;(US) F500, F700, F900, F90

(Possibly change this to UK instead of US?)





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