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Z110BT w/ 2015 Maps - Do I need the additional v5.1 FW for iPhone 6S?

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I currently have an iPhone 6S connected to a Z110BT via a CD-IU50V cable w/ a 30pin to Lightning adapter.  I successfully upgraded to the 2015 maps as per the thread in Hacks/Mods.  There is an additional Lightning FW update which is for iPhones with a Lightning connector.  Once updated this FW will add an "iPod Settings" choice to the AV Settings tab.  Link to the FW instruction Im speaking of below




My question, is this special FW update only for people using a Z series HU that are connecting a Lightning based iPhone that is connected to a USB to Lightning cable (CD-IU52)?  Or would it also apply to someone like me that is connected via the CD-IU50V?


Many thanks.

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