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OK, sorry for the noobness here.


2nd firmware update ever on my AVH-4100NEX.  The first time, after I bought it, it worked fine using the SD card slot, but I have a vague recollection of something I had to do that wasn't in the instructions.


Anyway, trying to update now to v1.09.  I've followed the instructions, but I get the "failed - make sure there's only one file..." error.  I am using the SD card slot - I can't access the USB 1 slot due to the way the unit is installed - that's my iPod port.  I've unplugged the iPod from the cable for the update, but the cable is plugged directly into the back of the unit and I can't get the unit out without drilling the faceplate out.


Have spent a short time browsing around here and I'm not seeing anything that's helpful.


Have updates through the SD card slot been nixed?  If so, I'm SOL, but if not, what am I doing wrong?





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