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New jailbreak app (NGXPlay) that allows other apps to run in carplay

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Just found this new app called NGXPlay, that you can find in the Bigboss repo in cydia.  It allows you to launch any app in carplay, but you need to have an iphone and be jailbroken.  It's buggy in its current form, but works about as good as the appradio format, which isn't saying much.  So far you can mirror what's on your screen, which means that you must use the phone to control the app you have launched, or you can choose external display, which makes your phone go black and you can control the app through your radio.  I've only just started to use it and have put google maps, waze, netflix, and movie box on it.  Both netflix and moviebox, will display menus, but once you start a movie, only sound comes out.  Google and waze seemed to work.  Haven't gone on a long trip to test it yet.  Only went on a short little run, so I don't know if it'll be worth using or not.  Google maps seemed to work, but I found that you can't type anything using the radio screen.  You have to type on the phone.  If you have addresses saved, you can use the radio to choose them.  If nothing else, it's worth keeping an eye on and see if the developer improves it.  I've also heard about another developer that is developing a jailbreak app that will also run waze on carplay, but I don't think that's ready yet.   




Was able to get Moviebox working.  Had to put it in external mode and then start the movie without the phone connected to carplay.  Once movie starts, plug phone into the radio (in landscape mode) and the movie will display accurately on the screen with controls and everything.  Pretty nice little app.  A little buggy, but has a lot of potential. 


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Just thought I would give an update on this awesome jailbreak app.  I was a little luke warm on it at first, but after spending some more time with it, I don't know that I would want to be without it.  If you have a iphone and can jailbreak it, do it, you'll like this app.  I can confirm that youtube, playbox, moviebox (with some playing around), waze (basic functions work, but don't get too carried away with trying to use many of the menus), google maps, UFC, amazon videos, weather channel (the old version. Didn't try the newer version), and the game called Room 2, work pretty well.  I would call this a game changer, for apple carplay, if it wasn't a jailbreak app.  It's too bad, because this app turns this aging pioneer radio (nex 6000) into the radio I was hoping for when I first bought it back in 2014.

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hmm my ios 10.1 on iphone7 plus is jailbreakable still, but i have not had the time to play with it yet (yalu jailbreak)

I've got an iphone 6s plus and yalu works very good on it.  My ipad air 2, on the other hand, constantly reboots and takes multiple tries to jailbreak it.  I don't know how the iphone 7 handles yalu.  The carplay app is worth checking out and it's free.  I'd easily pay for it though.

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