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F900bt uboot.bin uboot.cks

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Hi all,i am having problem with my unit,the screen is blank when i turn it on...so i've been searching through forum and got the hang of flashing etc...but i have a problem that i can't solve...


The problem is ,i can get to the testmenu and when i try to flash wince it stops at "reading 100%" so i went to memory testing and tested the memory,all is fine,then i tested the uboot and it says "bad" i found the uboot.bin but i see no one has the uboot.cks and doesn't know how to make one...

Well i managed to make one!!


Uboot.cks is the file that contains the partition size and cheksum data


So the partition size is the size of uboot.bin! You click the right click on the file,choose properties and se the size in bytes(mine was 262728 bytes if i remember corectly)and the cheksum u get from the device when you test the rom on your device.so you go to testmode,choose memory test,and rom test and get the cheksum


Then open notepad and write





And save these two lines as uboot.cks and voila u get the uboot.cks


I just gave an example of the values,u must get rhem from your device...



And i managed to flash uboot,but still no progress...


I just wanted to say that i found a way to flash uboot!


If something is unclear,please ask!i am at my job curently and maybe i skipped something...

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