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AVIC8200 function question

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I just installed a avic8200.  Still getting to know the unit.  I have a question regarding the function and setting for the gps system. I have an older avic f500bt (portable gps), and also on many OEM gps systems, when I drove into the dark tunnels (during daytime), or at night, the map display (and all the displays) will automatically switch to night mode due to the built in light sensors.  Does the 8200nex has built in sensors?? would the display turn into night mode?? (I didnt see it so far).  I didnt see any setting regarding this function!!  So far I sat in the dark garage during the daytime, and the unit still displayed the "day time" map.  So even if the unit can switch, it is controlled by timing, not light sensors... am I right??  can someone confirm this issue for me?? or show me how to change the setting so it will work properly.  Thank you

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It will go into night mode when it sees the headlamps turn on provided the radio is wired correctly 

it wired correctly, but when the headlamps turn on, it only "dimmed", not turn to night mode.  From mine research, this unit doesnt have the light sensor built in, so it only switch mode according to the clock :(

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