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  1. AVIC8200 function question

    It will go into night mode when it sees the headlamps turn on provided the radio is wired correctly
  2. Anyone with a 7000 successfully install 1.11?

    I just did my 7000, it took firmware and bluetooth updates no problem
  3. subwoofers dont hit hard hooked up to the radio

    Assuming that you are connected through the rca connections, different radios have different output voltages on the rca's, the NEX are not very high powered and may require you to turn the gain up on the amp to compensate
  4. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    I am not Ted, but I am semi in the know. I have seen and used Carplay with both Ios7 and Ios8 phones on an 8000, its coming along but not done yet, I have no other information at this time...
  5. Car Play Demoed Today at Media Event!

    What I can tell you is that Pioneer has not finishing coding it as of yet, it is the works but still very buggy, thats all I can say...
  6. Gps just failed

    I had this also happen yesterday but after restarting the car is cleared itself up, I hope this is not going to turn into a hardware defect!
  7. Remote that works with 8000?

    Pac makes an external ir sensor that connects to the steering wheel control input, I have it on my Z130 and it works fine with the Pioneer remote control, I imagine it would also work with these radio's
  8. Apple lossless

    All of my music is ripped in Apple lossless and plays off my iPod just fine, I don't know what quality it actually plays but it does play...
  9. App mode not working

    I have an iPhone 5 with a 7000NEX, I went through all this hoopla to get the app mode to work and honestly it sucks, if I were to do it all again I wouldn't ever bother, I just use a lighting cable and I am very happy. The other consideration is that car play is coming at some point and we do not know how that is going to connect. I really wouldn't bother with app mode at this point IMHO
  10. NEX6000 questions

    I am the one that had this problem, you iPod is not a classic making it to old, upgrading to a new model with solve your problem. If in doubt, connect you iPod to a computer and check the software version and compare it what I posted
  11. NEX 6000 with backup camera

    I can understand why this happened as I did the same thing, there is a yellow cable on the radio that is labeled backup camera.
  12. I gotta say Apple is very good about updates on older models
  13. Bluetooth and ipod frustrations

    Sadly this is how they work...
  14. iPod Classic issues

    Yes I have a few posts about this, i seems that only the current & last generation classic's work correctly, if you look up my post I have version numbers & findings
  15. Installed my 8000. Two issues so far

    I have been able to over come all of the issues with this unit except the bluetooth & usb combo, it is absolutely ridiculous! All of my past Pioneers have been able to do this. I also do not like the fact of no remote control and even worse no ir sensor to built in, this is a $1 dollar part at best. There is a pac part that will add this ability but this really should be standard equipment on such an expensive unit. The usb/bluetooth issue may force me to return this unit, I may try a high end Sony at his point. I have no evidence but I am thinking that this is a hardware issue rather than software making it unfixable. I would think that a call to Pioneer will likely return the usual response that they will look into it and time will tell which just gets you stuck with an non returnable unit.