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Mr pee

Apps not working on new F980BT headunit

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Hi guys bought this new headunit after having an SPH-DA-100 which was sold with my previous car and liked the apps which I used with this unit.

However this new unit in the top left corner of the screen there is a box saying APPS a picture of a phone and cable and a X by the side of the phone.

Also I cannot get CarPlay to come up, although when I go into settings smartphone setup Apple CarPlay is on and I have the 4logo at bottom ilimated which are CarPlay, iPod, Appradiomode and Avicsync any thoughts please

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Found a fix for this thought would post on hear to help others, popped the unit out plugged my lightning lead in the back of the unit top outlet which is the USB1 port and CarPlay fired up straight away so, it was a faulty Pioneer lead from day one would assume all leads and unit would have been tested but obviously not but we'll pleases although I have been without this feature for 9 months since I purchased the unit.

Just waiting for a replacement lead now from Pioneer Happy Days

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