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Screen stuck in backup camera mode

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Hi all,


I need help! I'm installing a backup camera, but I'm testing it out first before I do the complete install and the screen is stuck (see picture).


I have the AVH-4200NEX and connecting to a 2013 Mazda3.


To test, I ran the video cable from front to rear and connected the power/ground into the backup light receptacle (I unplugged the connector and just stuck the power/ground into the two slots).


Everything was connected, I started up my car, put it in reverse and at first it didn't work, so I went into my settings to make changes and it worked.


So I turned the car off and on again just to make sure it would work before I put all the wiring where I wanted it and now I get the screen as seen in the picture.


I've unplugged the camera cable, reset the unit multiple times and it still shows this screen. At first I heard my music, but now I don't hear anything and none of the buttons work on the unit.







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