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  1. If I remember correctly, the 4100 you had to press OK for it to go away, with my 4200 it goes away automatically (after how long, I don't know, I haven't timed it).
  2. Hi all, I need help! I'm installing a backup camera, but I'm testing it out first before I do the complete install and the screen is stuck (see picture). I have the AVH-4200NEX and connecting to a 2013 Mazda3. To test, I ran the video cable from front to rear and connected the power/ground into the backup light receptacle (I unplugged the connector and just stuck the power/ground into the two slots). Everything was connected, I started up my car, put it in reverse and at first it didn't work, so I went into my settings to make changes and it worked. So I turned the car off
  3. You can always go to Crutchfield to see what they recommend, but you don't have to buy there.
  4. Did you check some of the menu settings? You may have to change them when using Android. I'm running 4100, but I seem to remember something like this.
  5. I would take it back and have him fix, at least, the AC issue. It's possible you may not be able to get the fader working. I have a Mazda3 with the Bose system, but I only switched out the stereo and my fader/balance work fine. What control did he install, in regards to the car temp?
  6. thanks playa, taking apart my dash is really no big deal for me. I really don't add music to what I already have and if necessary, I'll just throw any new music on to my SD card.
  7. Hi all, without removing my stereo from my dash, has anyone tried plugging in a thumb drive directly into the back of their unit? Or do we have to use the cable for it to work properly? Thumb drives are pretty small these days. jegonzo3
  8. I've bought plenty of refurbished items before, I think you'll be ok.
  9. Hi Clint, I don't recall how long it took, but it shouldn't take that long. I know you posted this about a week ago, so I hope you got it taken care of.
  10. There is a firmware update for the AVH-X5600BHS and AVH-X3600BHS units (only) in relation to the SiriusXM units and the audio dropping out. Please read all information to determine if you need this update: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Support/Downloads?utm_source=eMail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=02-2014_Car-AVHSiriusXM-Update%2520%281%29&utm_content= It is your responsibility to determine if this firmware update is needed for your AVH-X5600BHS or AVH-X3600BHS, as I received and email from Pioneer alerting me of firmware update. jegonzo3
  11. Ha ha, thanks, I was just going to post it, as I got the email too!
  12. I just replaced my AVIC-D3 recently and have a Samsung Galaxy S4, I didn't have any problems connecting to my D3. As for XM for the D3, the GEX-P920XM should work, as that's what I had with my D3 install and had been using it for years. I only had to go with the new style SiriusXM tuner because I got a new AVH-X5600 head unit. I no longer need my GEX-P920XM, so if you're interested in purchasing it from me, let's talk. Just send me a PM here. jegonzo3
  13. For those of you still checking in on this thread, here is information in regards to my message to Pioneer on the SirusXM issue and having to reset the radio to get it to work. Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. I'm sorry to hear you are having this problem. It is an issue our engineers are working to fix. We should have a firmware update posted within the next week. Once posted, it will be on the product page. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/DVD-Receivers/AVH-X5600BHS jegonzo3
  14. Sure enough, like you said Jake, mine went out on me yesterday and I had to reset my radio. I've emailed Pioneer in regards to this issue.
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