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Onboard charging system for hybrid electric tractor

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Hi to all, first topic in here, please be kind. I’m in the process of converting a Cub Cadet SLT1554 from gas to a hybrid-electric tractor using a Motenergy ME0909 PMDC Motor. See description/specifications below:

Motenergy ME9090 PMDC Motor 12-48V, 4 hp cont, 12.8 hp pk 4 Hp Brush-Type PM DC. 4000RPM at 48VDC

The Motenergy ME0909 is a Brush-Type, Permanent Magnet DC motor with very high efficiency. Capable of 4.8 KW continuous and 15 KW for 30 seconds. For voltages from 12 to 48 VDC input and 100 amps continuous (300 amps for 30 seconds). Designed for battery operated equipment. It makes a great replacement for the original Etek motor because it has the same bolt pattern and is actually lighter in weight.


Power: 4 cont - 12.8 pk hp Voltage: 12-48 Volt rated Speed: 2150-4850 rpm Size: 6†OD, (w/o shaft) Shaft: 7/8†x 1-3/4â€, 3/16†key Weight: 24 lbs.

Voltage Constant: 0.0107 Revolutions per volt: 93.45 RPM Torque Constant: 0.102 Nm/Amp Generated Current: 9.8A per Nm

If possible, I would like to operate the electric motor at 24 volts powered by two 12-volt deep cycle batteries in series.

At the same time in order to guarantee sustained power, I would like to have an onboard generator powered by an 8hp I/C horizontal shaft engine driving a 12 volt, 253 amp alternator recharging the batteries. I’m under the impression that I would need at least 2,984 watts of electricity to create 4hp, and 3,730 watts (5 hp) would be even better.

QUESTION: Is it possible to create some type of configuration so that a 12v alternator can charge two 12-volt batteries in series. Also, I’m concerned that the ME0909 ad speaks of only 100 amps for continuous service.

Would the battery not act as a “cushion†between the alternator and the electric motor?

Any assistance in this project will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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