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I purchased a Pioneer AVH-X390BS and the Pioneer AVIC-U280 Add-On Navigation System. I installed them in my 2003 Ford F250. All features are working correctly except the backup camera. The screen I get when activated is a black screen with the message "CAUTION: SCREEN IMAGE MAY APPEAR REVERSED". I get this same screen whether it is manually set to camera view or the backup camera view is activated when in reverse. The reverse trigger wire is functioning properly, it switches over to backup camera when vehicle is placed in reverse. The backup camera setting is ON and the polarity is set to battery. I have tried Ground polarity as well with no luck. The following is how it is all hooked up...The camera ground is connected to the ground of the reverse lights. The camera red wire is connected to the red wire on the stereo harness, thus supplying power to the camera at all times. The yellow RCA plug is connected to the brown reverse camera input on the head unit. The purple/white reverse gear trigger wire is connected to the reverse gear trigger wire near my fuse panel. This connection is working properly, as the head unit switches to backup camera view when the vehicle is put in reverse, all other wires are connected to the corresponding colors. To rule out a faulty camera I connected the same Yellow RCA plug to the original monitor the camera came with and it works fine. I even switched the reverse trigger wire from the head unit to the positive of the reverse lights. This setup also triggered the head unit to activate the backup camera view when the vehicle was placed in reverse, but no video just black screen with the message "CAUTION: SCREEN IMAGE MAY APPEAR REVERSED". I also have a microbypass installed. Attempted system reset and restored all settings with mo luck. Any help?

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