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8100 NEX has a ghost toggling between medias...

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I purchased a Pioneer 8100 NEX a couple years ago to upgrade my 2009 Pontiac G8 GT. It has worked 100% fine and as designed until now.


Just yesterday I had a local shop install a rear view camera and a lightning digital AV adaptor so I could watch Netflix, etc. off my phone if someone was in the car with me.


The problem is that it now, seemingly for no good reason, quickly shuffles between the various medias. Example: I'm listening, via Bluetooth, to a podcast on my phone when, all of a sudden, it toggles to Sirius Radio for a split second, then to HD Radio, then immediately to "AUX". I try to go back to BT but it will quickly toggle back to Sirius, etc. or, if it remains in BT, the volume is now turned all the way down and I can't hear it. 


I can direct connect via a lightning cord and it'll be OK for a few minutes but, invariably, starts acting up again.


There is also a flashing "ATT" (my cell phone provider) flashing in the upper left hand side of the screen,


On a couple occasions it appears that, if the car was jostled while taking a turn or going over RR tracks, that it starts toggling,


Has anyone else experienced this problem or know of any solutions?



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