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Ipod Freezes!

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I found this post on the website: (I copied it cause its exactly my issue to a T)


I have an X930BT. I am having a problem when playing back music from my iPod. While playing music through the ipod the screen on the x930bt freezes and the audio stops. Pressing rewind, or FF does not do a thing. I look at the ipod and notice it is not on the pioneer screen anymore. It is on the ipod menu screen. It seems to have disconnected. On the x930bt I can still switch to a different audio source, make phone calls, etc... But unless I shut the car off and turn it back on the x930bt will not reconnect with the ipod.

This is a random occurance that used to happen once a month, now it is happening every time I use the ipod as an audio source. Anybody experience these problems?


I would like to add that I have had the cable and the x940bt for over a year, and have just started to experience this problem about 4 months ago. Before that everything worked fine. I could play video, and audio no problem.

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