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8000nex stuck on constant reboot

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I’ve had this stereo installed on two trucks. It was on my 03 Dodge for about 2 years before sitting on a shelve for about a year. 6 months ago I installed it in my work truck, a 1999 f250. It has been working flawlessly, even this morning. Stopped at a job and when I got back in the truck, the stereo is stuck in co start reboot. I get the initial splash screen, the “pioneer, loading” splash screen for about 5 seconds, then it starts all over again.  I’ve unolufged the wiring harness to see if it would reset. Disconnected gps antenna, and all other connections except the main harness to see if that would solve. It does not. 

I have no parking brake wire hooked up at all. 

Any input as to what could cause this and how to resolve?

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