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Avic d2 backlight not working

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Hello everyone, I changed out a battery on my truck, which has two battery's being diesel and when grabbing the other battery to install in the battery tray the positive cable touched the negative cable, it popped the in line fuse to my avic d2 but after replacing it, it powers up fine but the screen is black and does not light up, if you shine a light into the screen you can see everything going on in there, and the touch screen works and you can set the radio station and all that and you can see the maps and what not, all the touch screen functions work, there's just no backlight so light the screen up it seems. I've got it all tore apart so I'm not sure but I don't see a blown fuse in it or anything internally, can anyone help me out or am I going to be sending this out? I was hoping on finding a blown fuse as everything literally works fine except I cant see it without shining a light into the touchscreen

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