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5100 Nex low bluetooth call volume

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Hey guys, this has been going on for quite some time and it is getting quite annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of even having the bluetooth in the first place I feel like. Audio used to be okay for bluetooth calls however lately it seems to be extremely low. Everything on my phone that I can find shows that call volume is turned up all the way, on the head unit my call volume is set to level 3 which is the highest it will go, and other volumes are turned up and it does not seem to be affected by the current volume setting of the music playing etc. Volume used to seem fine and I would have it on setting 2 but all of the sudden it has been lower and it is getting quite annoying. I cannot even use bluetooth calling in my car unless I am parked and not moving, otherwise any of the audio from wind/tires on the road etc is just too loud for me to hear a call over.

Any ideas what may be causing an issue like this or if there is another location on my phone or HU that I can adjust volume related to calls like this?

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