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8200 HDMI Mirror to Rear Monitors

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Good Day Folks I have looked for HDMI pass-through but haven't found my specific ask.

I just had my 8200 Installed in my SUV, it has 4 monitors in 2 head rest and 2 drop down ( these are the ones im concerned about). I have two concerns actually.

I am trying to connect any HDMI source either my chromecast or my Note 8.  I can get both of them connected to the HDMI source without issue and I can mirror the phone and see the Chromecast.

What I cant do is Mirror that to my Drop down Monitors (which I can do with Traditional DVD) has anyone tried this, is it possible or am I out of luck.


Also I may need to create a new topic but when I plug in my USB to USB/iPod1 I can play moves on the usb drive fine as well as send them to the Rear Drop down monitors, however when I plug my android Auto in it disables the USB/iPod1 to the rear monitors, anyone have a way around that?


Thanks in advance...

New Avic-No0b

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