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Miracast & usb problems x2800bs

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hello Guys!

I am Now a proud owner of a x2800bs. ive only ever had 1din radios, so im very happy with the touchscreen action.

my question is, i did a firmware update on the unit and now everytime i plug in a phone it keeps rebooting the stereo. when i unplug the cable the stereo boots up normally. i have tried , with stock cables direct to the back of the unit, iphone, ipad, and galaxy s8+. A normal flash drive, when plugged in, doesnt have this problem any thoughts?

Also i bought a AV to composite, CD-RM10 equivelant, and used a composite to hdmi. I have the Belken miracast dongle powered from the usb on back for right now since appradio isnt working. the miracast dongle works fine on a tv at home but appears crackly and wavy on pioneer. also i noticed that when plugged in all the way i get no video but when i pull the 3.5mm plug out just a little i get picture, but as i stated before seems very low quality. when i watch videos online, it looks pretty crisp on screen. any thoughts guys? this is beating me up and have done some research with no avail. does anyone know a good av to composite for the aux input. audio does not go through and just comes up crackly when it shows video. i guess the one i have is no good... any ideas guys? I would really appreciate it!


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