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X920 BT Harness - purple wire (reverse) missing

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Hi guys,

I would like to have your opionion on how to set up correctly my backup camera with my X920BT. The camera works on ''rear view mode'' but i'd like it to work automatically when i'm in reverse. The thing is, it seems like my harness doesn't have the reverse wire (purple w/ white strips). I have the amp and mute wires left. Would the amp wire have anything to do in this case ?

Another question, is it possible to have a full screen rear view in the rear view mode? As it is, it's only half screen with gps.


Thanks !


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I am not sure my friend if you have access to any other plugs maybe laying around easy, easy  fix all you need is a tiny, tiny  flat head screwdriver very, very gently lift the little white plastic

tab there remove a wire you don't need or if you have no access to plug with the pins in them you can find them online and you will have to make it your self, anyway lift the little white tab

remove the wire you require to fix your missing plug wire in your 16 pin plug or what ever harness the reverse is in and gently side it in you will see a little like spike metal piece sticking out

on the pin make sure you insert it in the correct way it will lock in and bingo your on solid ground once again.. I really hoped this help you I have done so many I see them in my sleep most

nights...…. :):):):) 




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