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AVH-Z3100DAB + Carplay + iPhone 8+ doesn't work

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I just installed a shiny new AVH-Z3100DAB+ for the CarPlay features (this was an update from an AVIC-F20BT).  Sadly CarPlay is giving me a little grief with my iPhone 8+ and seemingly any app that isn't Apple branded.  I use Google Play Music so that's what I'm looking to use, I also have Overcast for Podcasts.

If I plug in the 8+ it initially starts up OK, Play Music is working fine and I can navigate and play music. But if I tap Maps it switches to that then when I try to switch back to Play Music (or Overcast) I get a black screen. Music plays the fine in the background the whole time.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the phone doesn’t seem to help.

I can plug in my Wifes iPhone 6S and hers continues to work without issue doing all the same things.
Switch back to mine, still dead.
Back to hers, works fine… and so on back and forth.

Both running iOS 11.4 too.


Is there any known issues with the iPhone 8+?  Or with this unit in general?  I'm happy to get any ideas on getting this working correctly.

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