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AVH-4400NEX video bypass solution?

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great....even the new 4400NEX is incompatible with the micro bypasses. so now i have a 1400NEX and a 4400NEX that wont let me watch porn in motion. ive tried the Axxess TRIG-1 also and that wont even work. what gives?

read somewhere to disconnect the GPS antenna and do the toggle switch.....but how does that affect the GPS positioning? i dont wanna be in Austin and my indash still tells me im in Houston. i want it all to work while allowing illegal video playback in motion. why cant i have it all?

anyone with confirmed solution to bypassing the video lock-out for either the 1400, the 2400 or the 4400, please let me know.

installing the 6400NEX right now, and looks like the software bypass works by holding the bottom left corner of the touchscreen  .25" inch from the corner diagonally.

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