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AVIC-Z150BH & AVIC-F50BT Service Manual, et al files, request for help, and modification goals

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This is the service manual for the AVIC-Z150BH & AVIC-F50BT units. 

Request for Help

If you're interested in helping, please let me know.  Also, if you've already done the modifications listed below, and can share insight, that would also be appreciated.  This should work for the 1) AVIC-Z150BH, 2) AVIC-X950BH, 3) AVIC-X850BT, and 4) AVIC-X8510BT units -- and the respective European equivalents. 

Modification Goals

I want to do the following two items:

1) Remove the caution screens (a.k.a. nag screens); and,

2) Remove the message on the backup camera.

I plan on updating this post as progress is made screen..

To do: Add files

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