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Pioneer AppRadio 4 SPH-DA120 Port 1 Issues

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Hi All,


Bought a second hand SPH-DA120 - fitted all seemed to be working OK.


However - Couldn't get Carplay to work - When connecting an official lighting cable to Port 2, phone connects straight away and plays music no issue, but alas, no CarPlay.


When connecting the same cable to Port 1, it will *sometimes* start charging but thats it, nothing else.


If I try to firmware update (Currently on 1.14) - it says no device connected, I've tried 3 different USB keys but no dice.


I've stripped it down, can't find any problems soldering looks fine, no burnt tracks or burnt smells, and the USB's are actually stacked so I fail to see how one port can work and the other not,


Any suggestions?




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Hi Jack,
I don't know, if your problem is still existing, but you may clean your lightning connector on the iPhone. It use to collecting dust inside. This dust is compressed by plugging in the lightning cable. That results into connection failures, to be noticed in charging "sometimes" but not everytime.

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