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Avic F-88DAB

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Hello, my name is Mike from Germany ...

I bought an avic-f88dab for my car 2 years ago. Everything is wonderful. Now I put it in my new motorhome because I sold the car.

The problem is that under truck attitude I still bring deep bridges !!!!!

Bridges are therefore not taken into account, as is the weight of 4.5 tons!

Must enter bus, does not work ... Then I created my own profile, does not work ..

 I then talked to NNG / Navieextras, who say it would be strange, I should send him the licenses and they would check it in the development ... that is a week ago and still no answer ...

Now my question:

Can I play the 8.00xxx F80DAB camper software on my device? I have something with 1.10 or so ...

Is it even due to the software from the device or are they still the cards?

Can I possibly explain step by step how to do it, or if it can actually work?

Pois I could insert as parking space management, etc. Although all are represented with the same symbol, I do not care.

Would be great if I could possibly suggest advice or even solutions.

I thank you ..

Greetings Mike

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