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8200NEX Won't mirror to rear screen

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I just installed my 8200NEX in a 2003 Lexus IS300. I have an aftermarket screen in an OEM motorized NAV unit on my dash. It is connected to the HU with an RCA cable. I am trying to mirror everything on the 8200 screen, using the "Rear" monitor output, to the second screen on my dash. The only way I can get anything on that screen is by changing the rear output from mirror to DVD. It plays DVD video fine, but nothing comes up in mirror mode.

The 8200NEX replaced my Z1, which would send everything except camera image to the "rear" screen. I would like to at least get maps to come up on the screen, but maps and camera would be ideal. Shouldn't changing Rear to Mirror put the 8200NEX's screen on the second monitor? If you know what I did wrong, or what I neglected to do, please tell me. Thanks.

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Update: 12/28/18

I called pioneer tech support, and they verified that I can not send map, camera, or main display video to a rear monitor. The AVIC Z1/2/3 were the last series of HU's that could perform that function.

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