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Help !!! Unable to Boot Pioneer AVIC-F950BT for firmware upgrade

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I own Pioneer AVIC-F950BT ,

Its currently running on original factory firmware version 1.0.

I have managed to find latest firmware from Pioneer website , which is version 1.062.

This unit has micro SD Slot and USB port.

According to the guide, firmware upgrade can be done by using micro sd memory card.

I formated the Micro SD using Windows - FAT (Default) Settings

Allocation Unit size was left as Default Allocation size.

Micro SD card was formatted OK. 

I downloaded the firmware file https://products.pioneer-car.eu/sites/pioneer_products/files/avic-fx50bt_ver1.06_2.zip

Extracted the AVICX850 Folder.

I have copied the folder AVICX850 to microSD card as per firmware upgrade guide.

Folder size is confirmed as per guide.  

AVICX850 –folder 85,5 MB (89.693.998 bytes)


As Per guide 


I Switch on your Navigation unit by switching on the ignition of your car.

2. Turn off the AV source a. Press the MODE button when the map screen is displayed

b. Selected "Source Off"

 3. Press the [OPEN CLOSE] button and touch [SD Insert] or [SD Eject] and remove the original card.

4. Insert the (Micro) SD card with the prepared Firmware.

However System is not rebooting.

System can read the Microsd card, because when i click on select SD card , then system tried to read the micro sd and tries to play music files.

It produces error saying files on card cannot be played.


I have tried formatting card in different ways but still no luck.

Not sure If there is any lock on the system?

Has any one done any firmware on model Pioneer AVIC-F950BT.

I really need help, my maps are corrupted and i need to update the firmware and maps.

Any advice or help would appreciated.


Thanks in advance.








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