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AVIC F920BT faults to correct

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I have installed this unit using Connect2 harness with steering column harness and this works OK.

I have checked the wiring and the green brake wire is earthed already to the earth from the unit.

My problems are:

1. The Bluetooth function comes and goes. I managed to get my phone registered and tested it OK but then the options freeze and you cannot always get the BT to switch on. If I go to the phone screen all the icons are greyed out. I have seen it function but only once or twice and I cannot get the screen to work when I need to.

2. The Ipod is not recognised. I have a Classic 30gb from 2005 but when I connect this is says "unauthorised device" connection failed. I tried to just use the jack plug connection into Ipod output but this does not play. The Ipod is being charged by the correct lead but it will not allow any playback.

Any advice please

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