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Avic-rz05 no program error

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i have AVIC-rz05 

i had rest it to factory setting but every thing got wiped out 

now when i boot it says "No Program" in japnese and "100" written on the bottom right corner 

i tried to find the firmware but no luck 

i want to know how to flash the firmware now ?

i got into the test mode there is nand error 




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Hey, i had a similar issue that was different

So, ive changed the volume that the radiohead uses to read and use the operating system from.

In other words the program.

I don't know if setting back to factory settings would delete the program or maybe it just booted with the volume in ur case.

So, try going to test mode, forced program write, next track, next track, and there should be, i think, change volume.

There from 1 to 9.

See if its shoeing u 1, if it is - confirm and reboot.

If not, try the other 8 left, reboot each time.

Best wishes.



As a workaround, there should a firmware on a cloud disk of somebody elses rz05, but im not sure if thats gonna work using write program.



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