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AVIC-B500BT Pinout $

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Hi All,

I know this is an ancient unit by most people's standards, but I think I'm in the right place.

I bought a new unit but it didn't include the LINC cable for the cradle (AKA Part # 422166700002 or 00008)

Whoever can help me out I will send $30 via paypal or venmo

There is no pinout for the cradle or cable anywhere that I can find.

I'm most specifically trying to find the power terminal, battery connector, camera input, E-Brake and reverse trigger. If I have those I'm happy but a full pinout would be preferred.

You can so easily do this with just the cable and a multimeter. Just write down which end connects to the corresponding pin.

I will share this with the community as I have no intention of being selfish.

Thanks for your consideration.


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